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This is a medal. You can use them for reward content creators, or buy highlight. Collectable.
The medalhunter is a blog-social website, where users can share experiences, can make and achieve challenges, and can collect medals.
You can award contents with medals. Collectable, you can use them as currency. You can give more than 1 as well to one content.
Working: The first medal is free what you give, then pass your additional medals to writer. The amount of medals is not visibled.
The user receives 1 challenge point if he completes someone's challenge. That is, if you create 1 post and add 1 challenge, you get 1 challenge point. If you delete such a content, the challenge point will also be withdrawn.
Weekly competition for active users based on earned challenge points. The first 3 places win medals.
All content are challenges too for other users. If you want to achieve one, just mark that in your content.
So in contents this achieved challenge will be visibled.
If you achieve a challenge, you will receive 1 challenge point.
At campfire you can chat without relationship.
You can put liked contents to bucketlist. This list visibled in your profile.

Common Challenges
If a logged-in user is on another user's profile, the challenges (posts) of the two are compared. It can be a challenge state: own, achieved, in bucketlist. Based on these states, the common ones are marked with a green frame.
Section styled upload
All contents have title, coverphoto, and optional intro text. You can add optional stages too. This stages contain a picture, or video, and or text part. You can add them after uploading your original content too.
The webpage's operator, and owner:
The webpage's main goal are these: to giving appreciation to writers, to motivete to action with challenges, and to provides help and joy with posts.